1.41 (2015031001)

MCalendar, Calendar display the daily schedule, events and hand-drawing notes in Hong Kong traditional fashion calendar look.

Chinese almanac, should or avoid daily matters from traditional Chinese almanac.
Drawing notes, handwritten or hand-drawing symbols on a paper calendar as a reminder in the pass and now on up-to-date mobile phone.
Two Main screen widgets, Daily view and Month view calendar widgets that can display the lunar calendar, chinese almanac, daily schedule, holidays, and hand-written notebook.
Holidays will show in RED, holidays based on the Hong Kong public holiday table provided by the Government or user imported from google holiday table.

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1. Home Screen Day View Widgets, Month View Widgets.
2. Lunar Calendar with twenty-four solar terms.
3. Drawing notes for each day as you are using traditional paper daily calendar.
4. integrate with android calendar
5. default import HK Gov't public holiday list, and user imported public holiday list from google.


* Tune display.
* Tune display.
* Add vibrate while click on screen buttons.
* Fixed, display bugs.
* Add Nine days weather forecast.
* Fixed, display bugs.
* Add swipe up for display full page events list.
* Fixed, Time zone, Calendar Display bugs.
* Add Bottom area display options.
* Fixed, Tutor screen display problem.
* Fixed, Time zone problem on some devices.
* Fixed, Installation problem in some devices.
* Fixed, Daily view Widget, invalid height in some devices.
* Fixed, Chinese wordings.
* First Release.


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